New Billboards Promote “Your Vote Matters”

This month, TKF  partnered with the Trenton Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi and 1911 Smokehouse BBQ, to erect billboards at locations across the city to encourage all eligible voters to register and vote.

The Your Vote Matters! billboards can be seen at Olden and Pennington Avenues, Prospect and Stuyvesant Avenues, and on Spruce Street. Each features members of the Foundation and Fraternity. By seeing members of our community supporting get out the vote efforts, we hope to encourage everyone in our orbit and city to get ready, get registered, and VOTE!

It is crucial to vote in every election and to choose representatives who have your best interests in mind; those that advance the well-being of your family and community. Being complacent and not voting is NOT an option. Your Vote Matters!

Billboard 2
Billboard 1